Wednesday, May 22, 2013

There is not an end to Creating!

Although there is a stop to my uploading of images to my galleries every time *(and there have been many over the years) there has been a technical problem that makes it impossible to add any images to my galleries - I still keep on creating and even at a faster pace than when I am working within the speed of the internet and the Imagekind website for my images to be uploaded - the full force of what I can do has never been matched or been kept up with by any website and I am not sure that it will be since I can create new images within a split second while there are always a great number of these split seconds needed to upload any particular image file - I must admit though that the ability for people from around the world to see anything that I create in such a fast manner after I have created it is still quite amazing from the technology and where we were at over 55 years ago when I first begin working with images - I can only imagine how much better things will be getting with the more improvements that will be made as time goes on - ………………………………… 9-7-2012CABCDE by Walter Paul Bebirian
9-7-2012CABCDE by Walter Paul Bebirian

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