Wednesday, May 8, 2013

my answer to the question - Is Social Media Advertising or PR?

Social Media does not have one or the other functions - in life or in business - How it is utilized - what results are gotten and how each and every individual or company utilizing the tools within each different Social Media platform perceives what they and everyone else is doing changes from one moment to the next - the entire process when looked at from afar is much more complicated that designating it to one task or another - from this point on there might be an entire discussion based on what I have said here - but that might not happen if enough people from enough different backgrounds do not participate in such a discussion as this - if the discussion is limited to individuals who are from either an advertising or pr background then yes - the choice will be answered from one or two of those two background with perhaps a few variable perspectives - but what if we have a dancer or a musician or a novelist - poet or journalist - each with a different perspective on life in general or even a number of journalists - we might discover a different point of view coming from each one of those journalists - so the question is asking about social media marketing - does a person simply getting on LinkedIn and telling others about their adventure yesterday in the streets of New York and how they received a free sample of one chocolate candy as opposed to another and how much they like it perhaps produce the results better than a specifically created ad to accomplish the same results? or does telling a long and drawn out story how one lady went to the Saint Patrick's gift store next to the Church on Manhattan's Fifth Avenue and purchased a Statue of a Saint to send to her sister-in-law in another state and the story of the resulting healing as a result of praying to that very statue every day ---- constitute PR for people to be getting more in touch with their religious roots - begin attending religious services more often and even maybe perhaps encourage them subconsciously to look into the possible healing qualities of praying to one saint or the other each with their own designated task to work healing in any specific area - …………………………………. 5-6-2013ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRTU by Walter Paul Bebirian
5-6-2013ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRTU by Walter Paul Bebirian

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