Sunday, May 5, 2013

Relating to Art and Familiarity

Do you like this art that I am showing you here? Have you ever seen this image before? Have you ever seen anything that looks like it before? Chances are you might not necessarily like this image that you see here - it may seem odd to you - it may not be something that you can relate to but if you look at it for a while - if you read what I am saying here a few times - and come back and view this image on a different day -when you are in a different mood - and perhaps over time when you are in different states of mind or in many different moods - over time you may begin at least to recognize this image when you first see it - something about it will slowly become familiar to you and you will start to become familiar with different aspects of the image - perhaps a line or two or maybe the image that is collaged onto it - and after you become familiar with it - within a few more viewings you may start to like this image and you will eventually look upon it like an old friend - and then if you give it a chance that liking of this image may just turn into love of this image and eventually to love of many of the images that I have created that are already in my collection and others that will be in my collection in the future and then many of the images in my collection will also become familiar to you - and eventually the art images that I create - these images which you may not necessarily be able to relate to upon first glance right now - not right away - and perhaps not for a long while afterwards - eventually will be a family of images that you will definitely be able to relate to - enjoy!!! :-) …………………………………………… 3-15-2013CABCDEF by Walter Paul Bebirian
3-15-2013CABCDEF by Walter Paul Bebirian

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