Sunday, June 30, 2013

Important point on Investing -

well - here is something I think is a very important point - which is not only extremely relevant to social media marketing - as that was the topic that I was responding to when I wrote it - but when I listen carefully to Warren Buffet's message about Benjamin Graham - the man he considers to be his mentor and greatest teacher and read the chapter 8 which Warren Buffett mentions as the most important chapter in Grahams book entitled "The Intelligent Investor" the same element which I note as what is missing in social media marketing also is the number one element which must be dealt with in investing (which may or may not be dealt with by many people in business during their careers) and that is the difficulty tending to want to do something at all times in order to effect results whereas the more practical thing to do is to become more engrossed in doing some other task or project which may or may not be related to the business adventure or in the case of investing - may or may not be related to the investor's processes as well - In Warren Buffett's case - his involvement with reading more and more about companies and their financial statements only help him to understand the businesses that he is investing in and perhaps some others that he may be investing in the future - but it is imperative during all of this process that he (as well as the business person) refrains from merely trading in Warren Buffet's case just because he has the energy as well as time to do so but that he does his best at only doing a limited number of trades or purchasing of companies that make the most sense and fit in with his overall plan - ……………………………….. 9-25-2012BA by Walter Paul Bebirian
9-25-2012BA by Walter Paul Bebirian

Saturday, June 29, 2013

A Reminder -

This morning I am reminded of a very important point - and that is that one cannot listen to a set of headphones and hear anything unless the headphones are plugged into something that will make them work! ………………………. 4-5-2013BABC by Walter Paul Bebirian
4-5-2013BABC by Walter Paul Bebirian

Friday, June 28, 2013

The Use of Digital Media and Glicee Prints for Art!

quite a few years ago I became aware f the fact that some people use one part of a vegetable and other people throw that part out that the first people are using and eat the part that other people are throwing out - so I believe that all of this ---- hold your breathe ------does not matter - I will from now on always work with pure energy ----- the stuff that the Universe is made of in it's basic down the the bare substance and will never ever work with oils paint - acrylic or even colored pencil any more - I will not however - knock anyone for utilizing whatever materials that they wish to or deem necessary to express themselves and their ideas with - and that is where I disagree with many of the comments that have been made here - and that will most probably post after this particular comment - it is not for anyone to criticize another as to what materials that they use to do their expressing themselves with - imagine the fine artists of the time that Munch created the "Scream" claiming that crayons were not a proper fine art material or in fact that making prints of the image was improper - this would definitely leave the world without what valuable images that we have to view today - Of course anyone can criticize another - but can you do as well with the materials and processes that you are criticizing for not being genuine fine art materials - can you spend enough hours-days-weeks-months and years as well as decades working with these materials in order to be able to express yourself as well with these as with any other materials available - and then if you have accomplished such proficiency and learned to create art by this means - would you stand for someone who has not done the same coming along and claiming that the materials that you have been working with - are somehow not valid - of course not - it just does not make sense and as time goes on - things will change whether the purist oil painters accept this or not - and as the use of the newer materials continues more and more ways of utilizing them to express whatever it is that needs to be expressed will reveal themselves - 4-3-2013A by Walter Paul Bebirian
4-3-2013A by Walter Paul Bebirian

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Do you know what’s missing in your social media strategy? - my Answer!

A friend asked me a question via e-mail today which makes it all clear to me - A strategy in Social Media Marketing should never include measuring or looking at whether or not you are making sales - The Opportunities here and on Facebook or Pinterest offers us the ability to let people know about ourselves - our products and our businesses - these opportunities do not offer us an opportunity to push or sell or whatever it is that people think selling their products is about - When and of people find out about you - your products and your services and your business and when and if they are ready to purchase something that they are interested in and when they have the money enough to do so - they will make a purchase or buy what it is that they really want - this is a great opportunity to not have to sell anything to anyone and by relieving yourself and everyone else from this pressure - it offers the people of the world the opportunity to buy when - what and if they are ready and can afford what it is that they want to buy -so I would venture to guess in many people's cases - Patience might be the only element that might perhaps be missing - go and enjoy life and everything else will definitely fall into place - …………………………………………………………………………. 6-3-2011A by Walter Paul Bebirian
6-3-2011A by Walter Paul Bebirian

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Someone Who Will Be Great!

Someone who will be great will look to serve everyone - and although not everyone will listen or take heed of what they say they will be great because of the opportunity and chance that they offer to everyone - 6-20-2013GABC by Walter Paul Bebirian
6-20-2013GABC by Walter Paul Bebirian

Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Evolution There is always another way of doing something...and doing it better ……………………………… 11-16-2012FABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRTUVWXY by Walter Paul Bebirian
11-16-2012FABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRTUVWXY by Walter Paul Bebirian

Friday, June 7, 2013

Staying on Top -

The only way to stay on top of the World is to remain constantly ahead of the World - and the only way to stay ahead of the World is to keep a clear vision of the past the present and the future all at the same time - ……………………………………………………………….. 10-29-2012G by Walter Paul Bebirian
10-29-2012G by Walter Paul Bebirian

Monday, June 3, 2013

Change is Always here -

freedom - a massive number of people - great ability to fluidly exchange ideas across great distances as well as many thousands of neighbors who you might not otherwise previously communicate with all go into what is created and what is it that people are exposed to and respond to - if there is a divide between what you think is worthwhile and what is being sold in galleries - do not despair there are great changes coming ahead and what you are most probably witnessing is a last hoorah - a great effort to hold onto the recent past and a resistance to change which will always be with us - but which change always wins out over everything - always - …………………………………………………… 1-14-2013B by Walter Paul Bebirian
1-14-2013B by Walter Paul Bebirian