Sunday, June 30, 2013

Important point on Investing -

well - here is something I think is a very important point - which is not only extremely relevant to social media marketing - as that was the topic that I was responding to when I wrote it - but when I listen carefully to Warren Buffet's message about Benjamin Graham - the man he considers to be his mentor and greatest teacher and read the chapter 8 which Warren Buffett mentions as the most important chapter in Grahams book entitled "The Intelligent Investor" the same element which I note as what is missing in social media marketing also is the number one element which must be dealt with in investing (which may or may not be dealt with by many people in business during their careers) and that is the difficulty tending to want to do something at all times in order to effect results whereas the more practical thing to do is to become more engrossed in doing some other task or project which may or may not be related to the business adventure or in the case of investing - may or may not be related to the investor's processes as well - In Warren Buffett's case - his involvement with reading more and more about companies and their financial statements only help him to understand the businesses that he is investing in and perhaps some others that he may be investing in the future - but it is imperative during all of this process that he (as well as the business person) refrains from merely trading in Warren Buffet's case just because he has the energy as well as time to do so but that he does his best at only doing a limited number of trades or purchasing of companies that make the most sense and fit in with his overall plan - ……………………………….. 9-25-2012BA by Walter Paul Bebirian
9-25-2012BA by Walter Paul Bebirian

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