Monday, December 28, 2015

Do I have any random thoughts any more? Engulf and Devour!

I was beginning to feel as if I would never have anything to write on this particular blog any more - perhaps because I have focused my attention on other things in different areas of my life for a longer time than usual now - but here is something that struck me again this morning after seemingly disappearing into the distant past - 

what if anything is powerful enough to take on the philosophy of engulf and devour -the  winner takes all stance that jettisoned Microsoft into the stratosphere once it got its act together with the Windows operating system that is was at one point in time have great difficulty with and wanted to allow to fade from its portfolio - 

after reading about the fact that it was a total accident that the fellow who had the answer to Microsoft's unknown prayer  - how to "fix" windows (they were attempting at the time to create a totally different operating system by partnering with IBM at the time) showed up at their doorstep or however he connected with the head of the three man (or very small) team of people still working on Windows  - 

how different things would have been for Microsoft and indeed the entire PC community yes but I am focused on that single fact (as described in the book (Click Moment) that it was an absolute accident that led to their success - 

and which has let me to understand that:

the only strategy that makes sense is a move to action - 
which action does not make any difference because in reality success is a result of randomness - but action is necessary no matter in which direction you go -

and so I am focused on - above all else - action which in my mind is the only way to even come close to perhaps maybe achieving placement in the way of such an accident that will allow me to reach such a winner takes all position in the scheme of things or in other words


Engulf and Devour

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Something to Keep In Mind

It is something to keep in mind - no matter what you are or were or will ever be faced with - you and I and everyone else here on this earth has been given the choice of free will - which (as far as I can understand it) means that we have a choice as to how we look at any situation that we are faced with - which means further - that we have the ability to view any situation as either a challenge to overcome or a road block to go around or an idea which can have a great learning message within it that may benefit us throughout the rest of our lives - and for someone who wishes to do extremely well in business (as I am sure you would very much like to so) exactly how to deal with any challenge that we come across is really a life changing experience (no matter how insignificant the decision may actually appear at any given moment) but if we keep in mind always that it is our greatest challenge every step of the way to remember that we have a most powerful and loving partner walking or working with us every step of the way (that being God or Spirit or Energy) who can accomplish anything especially what sometimes seems impossible - then we can feel confident in our decisions no matter what they may be in response to no matter what challenge (big or small) we seem to be faced with at any particular moment during our adventure through life - the slower you go the faster you get to where you want to be because if you are enjoying where you are you don't have to go anywhere!

Saturday, April 4, 2015

a little bit about chocolate and me

In the letter attached to this post - Warren Buffett is thanking me for sending him a box of chocolates which I sent to him because I know that he likes chocolates since he has added a chocolate company to the portfolio of Berkshire Hathaway - and I like chocolate as well and have been eating the chocolate made by this one company in my neighborhood (Forest Hills, New York) since about 1957 (or at least that is when I was conscious of eating the chocolates from the Hanna Krauss Candy store a few blocks away (and which they have changed the name to reflect their family name to Aigner Chocolate) and I thought that Mr. Buffett should at least have a chance to try Aigner Chocolate and know that such great and delicious chocolate exists in this world - (I have tried many different chocolates from many countries around the world but none of them are (in my personal opinion) as good at the chocolate that I grew up with - perhaps you might like to try some for yourself and discover what I mean: 

Monday, March 2, 2015


everyone has something special about them - about their lives about the gifts that they have to offer the world - and what they mean to other people - know that you are part of everyone and bask in the sunlight of this knowledge~

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Pulling in Many Directions

while there are so many great advantages to living in this digital age with the fantastic ability to connect with so many people and the tons of words and ideas that can be created and shared instantaneously as well as the many many many images that can be created in infinite directions there are also some setbacks that are not that convenient to deal with on a constant basis -

the continuous need to verify and to change one's access codes and verification information puts a great damper on things when one is simply logging into an account that should be otherwise a simple step process but becomes with all of the hoops and jumping that the various sites have set up to supposedly protect and defend a person's personal information and to stop internet crime as well as identity theft in general -

I think that it is high time that a more rigorous and less draining process for securing private information and prevention of any theft of any sort including but not limited to the constant barrage of websites being hacked and millions upon millions of people's credit card information being compromised needs to taken and with the same rigor that a high powered gun might be employed to capture a terrorist move since the effects and intentions - believe it or not - are pretty much fall into one in the same category - attacks on the private individuals in our society's populations - and definitely not a good thing to have go on for much longer - if at all !