Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Dear Imagekind - how can I help you?

Dear Imagekind - Have I let you down in some way - have I given you too few images to work with so that no one has been interested in looking - buying and sharing enough of what images you have had on your system - Have I not given out enough of my business cards to people on the street so that they would know that your company both the Imagekind as well as the parent Cafe Press exist to serve their every need - Have I not carefully and diligently built up a following large enough with fans from all over the world here on Facebook and have I not spread the word of your magnificent quality all over the world with marketing tools beyond imagination such as Sokule and Kulesearch so that many more people would be exposed to the many great artists in your galleries - have I not talked about and blogged links to your site and created Press Releases enough to garner the interest of writers in many publications - please tell me Imagekind - what else can I do to help you gain the recognition and allegiance you deserve for your excellent high quality work - how else can I help you? what else would you have me do? Do I not post daily images through Sokule on LinkedIn now as well in addition to Facebook and twitter and to 85 other social media networks around the world? Do I not also get some interest in your site by posting on this new medium called Manta - and have a presence on Artnet.com also - as well as made Television appearances to be spread on You Tube to tell people about what you have to offer? Please tell me Imagekind - what else I can do to help you? Just say the word and I will spread the word to my army - my kingdom of followers throughout the world who will gladly jump at the chance to improve life for you indefinitely because of all of the beauty and grandeur and enjoyment and inspiration and motivation that you spread wherever your site is able to be seen - just say the words - oh Imagekind and you will see the change - whatever it is that you desire!!!! …………………………………………………………………………. 8-20-2011G by Walter Paul Bebirian
8-20-2011G by Walter Paul Bebirian

Friday, April 26, 2013

True Freedom

Society may have a go at removing all of my physical assets but as long as I have my mind in tact such a tactic by society may actually be removing hinderances as opposed to real assets and may be freeing my mind to advance in much greater directions than ever before possible!!! ........ P5-12-2012PABCDEFGH by Walter Paul Bebirian
P5-12-2012PABCDEFGH by Walter Paul Bebirian

Traveling Distances

the human mind can go in any number of infinite directions - how far it will go in any one direction depends on how carefully and skillfully the operator of that mind focuses on any one of those directions and to what extent the skill in avoiding any distractions from remaining on that path in a single direction is mastered - ....................................... 9-30-2012EABCDEFGHI by Walter Paul Bebirian
9-30-2012EABCDEFGHI by Walter Paul Bebirian

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A Few More Business Secrets!

Well today I can share with you a few more secrets - basically things that I learn by handing out my cards in the streets of Manhattan and elsewhere - I think that the most profound thing that I learn is how afraid that people are or can be of a person in the street - they often refuse to take my card because - they don't know what it is - and when I tell them what it is many times they are so happy that it has to do with art and are very open to even having a conversation with me about it - and what does it look like and even these very same people who seemed too busy a few seconds before will ask me what type of art and even have a few moments for me to show them some of my images on my smartphone right there on Fifth Avenue or wherever I happen to be - And then there are the people who try to push by me at the same time trying to avoid touching my body - it is really quite an amusing dance that many people gyrate into and then by the time they reach the corner and have stopped for the red don't walk signal - see someone else take my card and then all of a sudden - then they become interested in it and want to take one for themselves - and then there are the people - so many of them - who say that they are not interested in art at all - but then when I mention that perhaps someone that they know might like to view my art - well then that changes everything and they become most willing to take my card then - and so the different stories that I have mentioned above cover most rejections of my card being handed to the individuals but most of the time - when I am able or even have a few moments to take from handing out the cards to other individuals who are interested in and willing to take the card without encouragement -I can simply - most of the time - change a person's attitude and reaction to my offering them my card with a mere word or two - and just think - it just takes that moment or two to possibly change a person's entire life - if I have even for that brief moment changed their attitude to what this person was doing handing them a card on Fifth Avenue amongst the hustle and bustle that ensues most every day during the periods of time that I am there - and then in addition gotten them interested in going even further and actually viewing my art images connected with the website that the business card is advertising - …………………………………………………………………. 6-28-2012CA by Walter Paul Bebirian
6-28-2012CA by Walter Paul Bebirian

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sharing My Business Secret!

Sharing my business secret is extremely simple - a long time ago - at least it seems like that from a certain perspective - back in 1992 (I almost wrote 1892) I created a business card and a project for handing at least one of these cards out per day - that was the goal - a modest and not high pressured requirement for myself especially because to a certain extent I was rather shy at that point in time and handing out my business cards in the busy streets of Manhattan was ---- well ----- pretty frightening to me at the time - but all things change and I have given out well over 3.5 million business cards to date and I look forward to giving out so many more especially because my original card was only for photography: Self Portrait and was really only meant for people who lived in the New York Metropolitan Area - but my new card is basically promoting or for marketing my art: BebirianArt.com which is for everyone in the world who likes art and if it is not for the person who receives it - then perhaps they will at least consider passing it on to a friend or group of friends who might be interested - you see there are some 20 million people living in New York City now and somewhere in the range of 47 million people who visit us here every year and I think of it as that they come to New York to get my business card - so as time goes on and more and more people get my business card and the reception or reaction to it becomes more and more positive then I get more and more excited to give even more of the cards out to let more and more people know about my art- well that is my secret - and it worked fantastically well - over the years I have gotten assignments from people I would have never known how to contact and secure work from - otherwise - and also I have seen my card in the hands of people who I would never otherwise know how to get to - so there in a small paragraph is my secret - from this point on I continue giving my cards out with great enthusiasm and I look to grow through the different means that the Internet and social media presents to us - if anyone would like to - you are all welcome to join me on my Facebook fan page for my art: BebirianArt.com Facebook Fan Page in a little while I will think of how to present some more secrets to you that have begun to work for me in addition to what I have presented here - ……………………………………………………………… 7-2-2010B by Walter Paul Bebirian
7-2-2010B by Walter Paul Bebirian

Saturday, April 20, 2013

There are no Employment Shortages - About Thought Workers!

For years we as a population have been warned - or notified about different changes that were predicted to happen to individuals - changes in where they work - or how they work or simply whether or not they were going to be able to work - and one of the major changes that we were told about was that there would be less of a need for individuals to work since there were to be many things done by machines or by a lesser number of individuals in a more productive manner because of changes in machinery that they were to be operation and so on - and this type of warning or notification seems to have not been heeded by so many people who seem to find themselves at this point in time without a job - and while from one perspective this definitely seems like a very difficult and challenging position to be in - it is in an opposite sense for individuals who choose to see this that way - an extremely freeing mode of being since the human being is now subject to much less toil and labor intensive work and is now - if it is able - willing and disciplined enough to work this was - afforded the opportunity to spend all or at least most of his or her time towards thought - pure thought - and the only difficult challenge at this point in time is that there are very few amongst us who have the training and fortitude to take it upon ourselves to work in such a manner and then to take the resulting outcome from this thought and turn it into any type of income producing activity - ……………………………………. 12-21-2012D by Walter Paul Bebirian
12-21-2012D by Walter Paul Bebirian

Friday, April 19, 2013

My Answer to the Question of Artists:

The Question: Why I am doing this, you work and work for years and the recognition is not there, I do not think I am wasting my time but sometimes I just stop and think . My Answer: well - here is a different perspective - perhaps ---------the world is actually moving towards a greater leisure class ----- in general - meaning not with boats and fast cars and high living - that is a sort of leisure class - but a leisure class in the sense that it is not necessary to have enough food, clothing and shelter for a basis sustenance simply because the many things that only the very rich could previously afford or even that did not exist for them years ago - do exist for just about everyone today - that means to have these things that were extreme luxuries of just a few years ago and very very affordable today - with a little clever thought we can realize that there is if we so choose a much greater amount of time think - thinking is good but thinking in a more directed single direction will take any individual or even a cohesive group of individuals much farther that it might have years ago - this thinking can - if a person or person's choose can be expressed in one or more of the arts or even mixed media which we see much of today - and this art that is produced can take these individuals to much further place than any man or woman has ever gone with their thinking previously and this is the direction of the future - wherever the imagination and thinking takes us - since everything starts with a thought and this thought becomes over time reality - we are - whether you or I believe it to be true at any point in time - because of both the time that we have which is leisure and can be devoted (even if it is only a small fraction of an individual's day) most wealthy because of this ability and if we so choose to focus on that part of the ability and opportunity to create art - the money part is not the point or issue but remaining focused on the ability and efforts towards the direction of thought and act of creating the art is and that is what will always bring the most pleasure and the greatest rewards - I have written an article which I have written and which you can search for - "The Most Powerful Idea on the Planet" lest I break some rule here - and I provide you with this article here: The Most Powerful Idea on the Planet ……………………………………………………………………….. 2-12-2013GABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQ by Walter Paul Bebirian
2-12-2013GABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQ by Walter Paul Bebirian

Sunday, April 7, 2013

In response to a question on the concept of abstract quality!

As to a somewhat indirect and transforming question which was posed on a LinkedIn discussion board for Art Professionals Worldwide: How do you evaluate the quality of abstract paintings ? Please speak to the abstract painters. my answer from a different perspective went - did anyone ever stop to think that since the possible subjects - categories - styles - directions - color combinations - definitions as well as interpretations of the concept of abstract and its derivatives can actually be endless and constantly changing even within the mind of a single individual attempting to interpret what it was - is and will be that this type of thread meant to exude and answer as to the means of determining the "quality" of an abstract could continue on simply because of the elusive nature of the ability at any one moment for any one individual let alone a group of divers thinking ones to actually dictate to another their own sense of the quality of anything - especially an abstract painter since are people really in agreement as well as to what constitutes the definition of a painting - take for example photography - the definition of which is painting with light - It is my understanding that a subject with such a diverse and undeniably moving concept will actually go on and on forever even in circles squares and an infinite myriad of other objective shapes and unshaped and therefore take up more time in thought and conversation than any answer to it is really worth - Who here or anywhere will have the nerve to claim to be the absolute dictator who will stand in judgement in front of all the world so as to determine how "quality of any abstract painting or abstract painter's work as a complete body "should be" defined - Instead, at risk of being ridiculed - I am recommending that such an exercise as this - futile as the move might be - just be let to sit for a while in the back of each and every person's mind who has - is and will come in contact with this particular thread on linkedIn until such time as a different viewpoint begins to emerge within one's own personal mind due to a shift in perception and then after seeing that this shift has teen place - that one just allows the thoughts at that time just be let to sit even for some more time until once again the ideas and concept that one is looking at have shifted once again - ad infinitum - ……………………………………………… 10-1-2012BABCDEFGHIJKLM by Walter Paul Bebirian
10-1-2012BABCDEFGHIJKLM by Walter Paul Bebirian

Friday, April 5, 2013

Capitalism and its many sides -

The Essence of Capitalism is change - what and how things have - do and will change are not always obvious to any single person or group of people - there are just too many universes within any town - city - country to be able to know at any given moment each and every detail that goes into the making up of the whole - any individual or group of individuals can only know his or her or perhaps what the group members share with each other as their common universe but in reality these individuals or this group will always remain separate from the numerous additional universes that exist at the same moments - so diverse that seeing them all is incomprehensible to any single human being - …………………………………………………. 11-20-2012FABCDEFGHIJK by Walter Paul Bebirian
11-20-2012FABCDEFGHIJK by Walter Paul Bebirian

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Not everyone will like and enjoy all of my art styles and categories -

The odds are that not everyone who likes art at all will like - appreciate - enjoy each and every one of the images in all of the categories that I have created - and continue to create on almost a daily basis - and it is most probable that there may be just too many images that any one person likes for them to keep a bookmarked section of these images on their browser - besides that is not the most efficient way of viewing my art on a screen - so might I suggest that as you go through the galleries either in galleries one or galleries two for creating your own online collection - that you utilize the presentation of the images in the Collection Catalog 1 and Collection Catalog 2 portion of The Bebirian Art Collection to create a personalized collection of those images that you personally like on your own blog collection which you can call a gallery named by you or a museum - in either case you can build such a blog naming it a gallery or museum absolutely free! Here is an example of a blog containing random images from The Bebirian Art Collection that I have named simply Bebirian Art which you can view simply as an illustration as to how creating such a blog might work for you! …………………………………………. 7-31-2012FABCDEFGHIJKL by Walter Paul Bebirian
7-31-2012FABCDEFGHIJKL by Walter Paul Bebirian