Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Dear Imagekind - how can I help you?

Dear Imagekind - Have I let you down in some way - have I given you too few images to work with so that no one has been interested in looking - buying and sharing enough of what images you have had on your system - Have I not given out enough of my business cards to people on the street so that they would know that your company both the Imagekind as well as the parent Cafe Press exist to serve their every need - Have I not carefully and diligently built up a following large enough with fans from all over the world here on Facebook and have I not spread the word of your magnificent quality all over the world with marketing tools beyond imagination such as Sokule and Kulesearch so that many more people would be exposed to the many great artists in your galleries - have I not talked about and blogged links to your site and created Press Releases enough to garner the interest of writers in many publications - please tell me Imagekind - what else can I do to help you gain the recognition and allegiance you deserve for your excellent high quality work - how else can I help you? what else would you have me do? Do I not post daily images through Sokule on LinkedIn now as well in addition to Facebook and twitter and to 85 other social media networks around the world? Do I not also get some interest in your site by posting on this new medium called Manta - and have a presence on Artnet.com also - as well as made Television appearances to be spread on You Tube to tell people about what you have to offer? Please tell me Imagekind - what else I can do to help you? Just say the word and I will spread the word to my army - my kingdom of followers throughout the world who will gladly jump at the chance to improve life for you indefinitely because of all of the beauty and grandeur and enjoyment and inspiration and motivation that you spread wherever your site is able to be seen - just say the words - oh Imagekind and you will see the change - whatever it is that you desire!!!! …………………………………………………………………………. 8-20-2011G by Walter Paul Bebirian
8-20-2011G by Walter Paul Bebirian

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