Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sharing My Business Secret!

Sharing my business secret is extremely simple - a long time ago - at least it seems like that from a certain perspective - back in 1992 (I almost wrote 1892) I created a business card and a project for handing at least one of these cards out per day - that was the goal - a modest and not high pressured requirement for myself especially because to a certain extent I was rather shy at that point in time and handing out my business cards in the busy streets of Manhattan was ---- well ----- pretty frightening to me at the time - but all things change and I have given out well over 3.5 million business cards to date and I look forward to giving out so many more especially because my original card was only for photography: Self Portrait and was really only meant for people who lived in the New York Metropolitan Area - but my new card is basically promoting or for marketing my art: which is for everyone in the world who likes art and if it is not for the person who receives it - then perhaps they will at least consider passing it on to a friend or group of friends who might be interested - you see there are some 20 million people living in New York City now and somewhere in the range of 47 million people who visit us here every year and I think of it as that they come to New York to get my business card - so as time goes on and more and more people get my business card and the reception or reaction to it becomes more and more positive then I get more and more excited to give even more of the cards out to let more and more people know about my art- well that is my secret - and it worked fantastically well - over the years I have gotten assignments from people I would have never known how to contact and secure work from - otherwise - and also I have seen my card in the hands of people who I would never otherwise know how to get to - so there in a small paragraph is my secret - from this point on I continue giving my cards out with great enthusiasm and I look to grow through the different means that the Internet and social media presents to us - if anyone would like to - you are all welcome to join me on my Facebook fan page for my art: Facebook Fan Page in a little while I will think of how to present some more secrets to you that have begun to work for me in addition to what I have presented here - ……………………………………………………………… 7-2-2010B by Walter Paul Bebirian
7-2-2010B by Walter Paul Bebirian

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  1. This is great. Thank you for sharing. I would love to read more as long as you're willing to share. :)
    - Maha