Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Not everyone will like and enjoy all of my art styles and categories -

The odds are that not everyone who likes art at all will like - appreciate - enjoy each and every one of the images in all of the categories that I have created - and continue to create on almost a daily basis - and it is most probable that there may be just too many images that any one person likes for them to keep a bookmarked section of these images on their browser - besides that is not the most efficient way of viewing my art on a screen - so might I suggest that as you go through the galleries either in galleries one or galleries two for creating your own online collection - that you utilize the presentation of the images in the Collection Catalog 1 and Collection Catalog 2 portion of The Bebirian Art Collection to create a personalized collection of those images that you personally like on your own blog collection which you can call a gallery named by you or a museum - in either case you can build such a blog naming it a gallery or museum absolutely free! Here is an example of a blog containing random images from The Bebirian Art Collection that I have named simply Bebirian Art which you can view simply as an illustration as to how creating such a blog might work for you! …………………………………………. 7-31-2012FABCDEFGHIJKL by Walter Paul Bebirian
7-31-2012FABCDEFGHIJKL by Walter Paul Bebirian

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