Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A Few More Business Secrets!

Well today I can share with you a few more secrets - basically things that I learn by handing out my cards in the streets of Manhattan and elsewhere - I think that the most profound thing that I learn is how afraid that people are or can be of a person in the street - they often refuse to take my card because - they don't know what it is - and when I tell them what it is many times they are so happy that it has to do with art and are very open to even having a conversation with me about it - and what does it look like and even these very same people who seemed too busy a few seconds before will ask me what type of art and even have a few moments for me to show them some of my images on my smartphone right there on Fifth Avenue or wherever I happen to be - And then there are the people who try to push by me at the same time trying to avoid touching my body - it is really quite an amusing dance that many people gyrate into and then by the time they reach the corner and have stopped for the red don't walk signal - see someone else take my card and then all of a sudden - then they become interested in it and want to take one for themselves - and then there are the people - so many of them - who say that they are not interested in art at all - but then when I mention that perhaps someone that they know might like to view my art - well then that changes everything and they become most willing to take my card then - and so the different stories that I have mentioned above cover most rejections of my card being handed to the individuals but most of the time - when I am able or even have a few moments to take from handing out the cards to other individuals who are interested in and willing to take the card without encouragement -I can simply - most of the time - change a person's attitude and reaction to my offering them my card with a mere word or two - and just think - it just takes that moment or two to possibly change a person's entire life - if I have even for that brief moment changed their attitude to what this person was doing handing them a card on Fifth Avenue amongst the hustle and bustle that ensues most every day during the periods of time that I am there - and then in addition gotten them interested in going even further and actually viewing my art images connected with the website that the business card is advertising - …………………………………………………………………. 6-28-2012CA by Walter Paul Bebirian
6-28-2012CA by Walter Paul Bebirian

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