Sunday, October 25, 2015

Something to Keep In Mind

It is something to keep in mind - no matter what you are or were or will ever be faced with - you and I and everyone else here on this earth has been given the choice of free will - which (as far as I can understand it) means that we have a choice as to how we look at any situation that we are faced with - which means further - that we have the ability to view any situation as either a challenge to overcome or a road block to go around or an idea which can have a great learning message within it that may benefit us throughout the rest of our lives - and for someone who wishes to do extremely well in business (as I am sure you would very much like to so) exactly how to deal with any challenge that we come across is really a life changing experience (no matter how insignificant the decision may actually appear at any given moment) but if we keep in mind always that it is our greatest challenge every step of the way to remember that we have a most powerful and loving partner walking or working with us every step of the way (that being God or Spirit or Energy) who can accomplish anything especially what sometimes seems impossible - then we can feel confident in our decisions no matter what they may be in response to no matter what challenge (big or small) we seem to be faced with at any particular moment during our adventure through life - the slower you go the faster you get to where you want to be because if you are enjoying where you are you don't have to go anywhere!