Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Galleries - Artists and Their Relationships!

perhaps we can look at this from a different perspective - it is possible that there are many different skill levels of people who are about to read the comments in this thread - so from that perspective I would suggest that since we are presumably all creative individuals partaking in the discussion here - that each person choose the time period of initial contact - what is said as well as the periods between further contacting a gallery based on their own personal feelings since in reality each individual is CREATING this relationship which you are developing with the gallery and the individuals who are employed or who own this gallery - if this answer for whatever reason sounds unreasonable or you are uncomfortable with simply going with your gut or as the spirit moves -(let's say) then perhaps you would be better spending your time at this moment in time - creating your art and then when you are ready to develop relations with galleries - then you will simply know - based on when you are feeling that it is the right time - when to approach a gallery as well as which gallery you are ready to approach - I say this because I have read so many different posts here on linked in on so many different threads about people having bad experiences with one gallery or another - and it may simply be that both the artists were not ready as well as their perceptions about a particular gallery that they decided to engage in a relationship with were not quite right as well - just my perceptions - it is also clear that with the ability to place your work online will allow you as an artist (if you so choose) to delve into creating art and developing your skills to a point where if a gallery that you are interested in sees your work - and if you are interested and feel that the gallery is one which you would like to have represent your work to the off and online public then you will have a mutual interest in each other instead of an off balance relationship where one or the other is chasing the other side of the relationship - ……………………………………………………… 3-14-2013GABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRT by Walter Paul Bebirian
3-14-2013GABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRT by Walter Paul Bebirian

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Where I AM

For a while it has been puzzling me as to where I AM or where I AM going - and then I realized that I AM lost and then I became relieved because during most of my life I have been lost while traveling and since I have learned to be comfortable while being lost - I began to relax and enjoy where it is that I AM while I AM lost and now I AM happier than before since I have learned that once I realize that I AM lost and begin to enjoy this state of being - I always find where it is that I AM going - without ever having to try - ………………………………. 7-2-2013DABCDEFGHIJKLMN by Walter Paul Bebirian
7-2-2013DABCDEFGHIJKLMN by Walter Paul Bebirian