Sunday, April 7, 2013

In response to a question on the concept of abstract quality!

As to a somewhat indirect and transforming question which was posed on a LinkedIn discussion board for Art Professionals Worldwide: How do you evaluate the quality of abstract paintings ? Please speak to the abstract painters. my answer from a different perspective went - did anyone ever stop to think that since the possible subjects - categories - styles - directions - color combinations - definitions as well as interpretations of the concept of abstract and its derivatives can actually be endless and constantly changing even within the mind of a single individual attempting to interpret what it was - is and will be that this type of thread meant to exude and answer as to the means of determining the "quality" of an abstract could continue on simply because of the elusive nature of the ability at any one moment for any one individual let alone a group of divers thinking ones to actually dictate to another their own sense of the quality of anything - especially an abstract painter since are people really in agreement as well as to what constitutes the definition of a painting - take for example photography - the definition of which is painting with light - It is my understanding that a subject with such a diverse and undeniably moving concept will actually go on and on forever even in circles squares and an infinite myriad of other objective shapes and unshaped and therefore take up more time in thought and conversation than any answer to it is really worth - Who here or anywhere will have the nerve to claim to be the absolute dictator who will stand in judgement in front of all the world so as to determine how "quality of any abstract painting or abstract painter's work as a complete body "should be" defined - Instead, at risk of being ridiculed - I am recommending that such an exercise as this - futile as the move might be - just be let to sit for a while in the back of each and every person's mind who has - is and will come in contact with this particular thread on linkedIn until such time as a different viewpoint begins to emerge within one's own personal mind due to a shift in perception and then after seeing that this shift has teen place - that one just allows the thoughts at that time just be let to sit even for some more time until once again the ideas and concept that one is looking at have shifted once again - ad infinitum - ……………………………………………… 10-1-2012BABCDEFGHIJKLM by Walter Paul Bebirian
10-1-2012BABCDEFGHIJKLM by Walter Paul Bebirian

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