Saturday, April 20, 2013

There are no Employment Shortages - About Thought Workers!

For years we as a population have been warned - or notified about different changes that were predicted to happen to individuals - changes in where they work - or how they work or simply whether or not they were going to be able to work - and one of the major changes that we were told about was that there would be less of a need for individuals to work since there were to be many things done by machines or by a lesser number of individuals in a more productive manner because of changes in machinery that they were to be operation and so on - and this type of warning or notification seems to have not been heeded by so many people who seem to find themselves at this point in time without a job - and while from one perspective this definitely seems like a very difficult and challenging position to be in - it is in an opposite sense for individuals who choose to see this that way - an extremely freeing mode of being since the human being is now subject to much less toil and labor intensive work and is now - if it is able - willing and disciplined enough to work this was - afforded the opportunity to spend all or at least most of his or her time towards thought - pure thought - and the only difficult challenge at this point in time is that there are very few amongst us who have the training and fortitude to take it upon ourselves to work in such a manner and then to take the resulting outcome from this thought and turn it into any type of income producing activity - ……………………………………. 12-21-2012D by Walter Paul Bebirian
12-21-2012D by Walter Paul Bebirian

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