Saturday, March 30, 2013

What I am exposed to~

A long time ago - when I was very young I was exposed to music - first classical - playing the violin and in various school and local orchestras and then rock and roll playing in different venues such as dances and concerts in different churches - at the World's Fair (that luckily was in my neighborhood in Queens, NY) and wherever else we could find (as a band) for people to listen to us and I played folk music in different cafes in my neighborhood as well - But later on I was exposed to art in the museums and galleries and so now I create art and place it on the Internet for people to see from all over the world and I have also been exposed to the concept of investing in stocks and how that works so I am doing that as well - now I am thinking - what might I be introduced to in the future that I might enjoy and begin to start doing as well? ………………………………………. 1-24-2013E by Walter Paul Bebirian
1-24-2013E by Walter Paul Bebirian

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