Saturday, March 23, 2013

An insider look at a conversation with an opponent!

After being criticized for pasting on an art Marketing network on Facebook I wrote to the moderator to express my thoughts on her remarks about my posts - here is the conversation so far: Conversation started Friday 10:04pm Walter Paul Bebirian Dear Mari-Lyn I do not understand - I believe it is stated that your art marketing group is for sharing ideas and resources and yet when I do that - in my own unique way or course - you ask me to stop doing that - if life is better off at the beach (which I wholeheartedly agree with) why are we all staying here staring at screens and not getting to the point so that we can have time to get back to the beach - Please be kind enough to explain all of this to me - because for some reason or other what I have posted has gone against what you think I should have been posting - do you know that I have a special marketing program that I call my "Doubling Project" that I work on every single day wherever I am and I work on creating images from 3AM till I am totally exhausted at night - and the "Doubling Project" is carried on mainly from 11:30AM till around 2:30PM - I only know how to create my images - do my photography assignments and continue to grow in marketing myself - Walter 10:26pm Mari-Lyn Harris Hey Walter, you are right to share, however sharing an affiliate link every other day is not helpful. It just clutters the board and the artists do not appreciate it. It's just like other artists who will post their art work on a continual basis..sharing your work once in a while is ok, the group itself is to share tips, marketing ideas etc. If you were to share why you like ____ then it may be more helpful. Artists will then maybe respond and you can answer their questions. Today 7:49am Walter Paul Bebirian the why I was sharing was inside the what I was sharing - questions about why as opposed to criticism might have well drawn out the information that might very well bring out the answers people might be interested in - for example this last post that I made gives you a story that explains in detail my thinking over a 37 year period of how I arrived and continue on with my "Doubling Project": granted it is in the Sokule system utilizing what is called a SokWall - but that is because I am no utilizing this tool to disseminate information about myself to other places and so the information is in that format already for me to share - and so that is an additional bit of information that I am sharing with you and the group - Also posting this type of tool to my Facebook fan page: brings in an interesting result as well - for example - posts showing images on the page usually fain around somewhere between 90 and 150 people seeing that specific post while the posts of the Sokwall automatically from the main Sokule site brings in an average of about 700 people seeing what has been posted - as significantly better result - while a post of one of my Kulebuzz pages bring in a significantly higher number of viewers - somewhere around 850 - that means that without paying to promote a post on Facebook I can reach more people by altering the type of post and how it appears on my Facebook fan page I can change the results as well as reducing the cost of creating a greater result down to absolute zero - so far I have gotten the most views on a single post by paying $300.00 for it: but now that I have begun to utilize the Sokwall technology I expect to improve my results and look to spend a great deal less for that improved result - If you are not interested in this type of information then I suggest that you are not seriously interested in marketing -since this is they type of information that marketing is all about day in and day out experimenting - measuring comparing and creatively looking for ways to increase the reach of whatever information (in the case of artists) that a person or company wants to spread and infiltrate people's minds with - granted the Sokule system makes its presence very well known on the posts that I make with its tools but that is to the advantage of the person who has become a part of the system and that is because it is one of the only places that I have found where an individual can begin a decent solid business without any costs whatsoever - a person can sign up there for free and introduce t to a business in his or her neighborhood and when that person or business upgrades the person introducing it will receive 20& of the fees that are paid - such an opportunity is beyond imagination before this point in time - as far as I can see - giving an artist a way of earning money in a clear and simple manner while removing the pressure to spend any money is a pure blessing and allows the artist to focus then - at least during some of their day to creating more work - or if a person is at a job this tool can help the artist or any person to begin to see a way of removing themselves from this position or even if they are happy at such a position it can help right from the start to earn some supplemental income - The most important point - which seems to annoy you as well as many artists and people in general in different fields of endeavor is that advertising and marketing is all about repetition - the same message over and over and over again and then in different manners in different venues and then over and over and over again until the person makes the purchase and then more repetition to get them to purchase even more - this is the fact of life that is most misunderstood - it must be repeated thousand and thousands of times for things to sink in - here is a fellow that is one of the top 100 twitter marketers in the world who is currently posting to his over 385,000 twitter followers about my Collection of art and my Facebook Fan Page for my art 5 times per day:!!!!!!.html he does what seems like a very boring and repetitive task that might drive an artist nuts but his rewards are what excite him and that is why he is excellent at what he does - now in the case of the artists - unless they are willing to do some of this boring and repetitive work for themselves they will have to come up with the money to pay to have someone else do it for them - that is just reality and well then we are back to earning money before being able to market their art work - Walter ……………………………………………………………… 10-16-2012F by Walter Paul Bebirian
10-16-2012F by Walter Paul Bebirian

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