Thursday, March 7, 2013

Today I was thinking about my friend Dave Barber

Today, at some point while I was out shopping for groceries, two friends of mine, Joyce and Dave Barber, came to mind and I suddenly realized just how influential Dave and what he had done when I met him has been to some of my work - that I have created over the years since I met him - It was during the summer, I believe in 2006 when my wife and I were traveling upstate in an area called Stamford in New York when we discovered that we had gone quite a distance from home and that it might be a better idea to stay in the area where we had gone to rather than travel all the way back home the same day - and so we took the recommendation of the person who had created the website that was showing the real estate properties that we had looked at and gave a call to Joyce and Dave Barber to see if they had room at their bed and breakfast in that area - called Breezy Acres Bed and Breakfast - Thankfully they did have room and we stayed there - more than once and when we did stay Dave was kind enough to drive me through the woods which were on his property - some of the images that I photographed and also some of the mutations of the photographs can be seen here: Breezy Acres Bed and Breeakfast in Hobart, New York group of photographs on Imagekind but that is not all - since beginning to work on those mutations back then - I have continued on and till this day am still working on different variations and many many abstracts originally begun back from working with the images that I took on Dave's property - So I would like to take this opportunity to give a shout out to Dave and Joyce and especially thank Dave for taking me through his property on such a special tour - I see that they have done some work on their website since I was first there so if anyone want to find out about them here is a link to their website: Breezy Acres Official Website …………………………………………………………………… This is one of the original photographs that I began with to create my mutations from 1-16-2009B by Walter Paul Bebirian
1-16-2009B by Walter Paul Bebirian

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