Thursday, February 26, 2015

Pulling in Many Directions

while there are so many great advantages to living in this digital age with the fantastic ability to connect with so many people and the tons of words and ideas that can be created and shared instantaneously as well as the many many many images that can be created in infinite directions there are also some setbacks that are not that convenient to deal with on a constant basis -

the continuous need to verify and to change one's access codes and verification information puts a great damper on things when one is simply logging into an account that should be otherwise a simple step process but becomes with all of the hoops and jumping that the various sites have set up to supposedly protect and defend a person's personal information and to stop internet crime as well as identity theft in general -

I think that it is high time that a more rigorous and less draining process for securing private information and prevention of any theft of any sort including but not limited to the constant barrage of websites being hacked and millions upon millions of people's credit card information being compromised needs to taken and with the same rigor that a high powered gun might be employed to capture a terrorist move since the effects and intentions - believe it or not - are pretty much fall into one in the same category - attacks on the private individuals in our society's populations - and definitely not a good thing to have go on for much longer - if at all !


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