Monday, November 17, 2014

from this perspective

with the thoughts of my last post in mind about most people if not everyone not having enough thankfulness or not being thankful enough for whatever it is that we have I would like to say that everything - *yes I am saying everything - is going really really really well for me - most of all - despite the 100,000 images of mine being lost in the servers of Imagekind about 1 and 1/2 years ago I have - with a great deal of concentration and perseverance re uploaded most of those images that were lost in addition to many new images as well and the collection that is up now is looking fine without so many empty holes and images that I was not able to see for such a long time - this above all else is a great comfort to me and I continue on finishing up with the re uploading and of course continue uploading many new and exciting images as well -

I have had some thoughts and done some reading about marketing - the way that different people and companies recommend people proceed in today's new social media environment - but in addition I continue on with my "Doubling Project" and also keep pondering how - if at all possible with or without the aid of others - whether individuals of companies - I can reach the broadest audience ever -

if anyone reading this has any ideas or suggestion I would love to hear about them - so either post your idea or suggestion here or send me an e-mail or contact me through one of the social medias platforms that you may find me on

the e-mail address is:

thank you!


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