Saturday, April 4, 2015

a little bit about chocolate and me

In the letter attached to this post - Warren Buffett is thanking me for sending him a box of chocolates which I sent to him because I know that he likes chocolates since he has added a chocolate company to the portfolio of Berkshire Hathaway - and I like chocolate as well and have been eating the chocolate made by this one company in my neighborhood (Forest Hills, New York) since about 1957 (or at least that is when I was conscious of eating the chocolates from the Hanna Krauss Candy store a few blocks away (and which they have changed the name to reflect their family name to Aigner Chocolate) and I thought that Mr. Buffett should at least have a chance to try Aigner Chocolate and know that such great and delicious chocolate exists in this world - (I have tried many different chocolates from many countries around the world but none of them are (in my personal opinion) as good at the chocolate that I grew up with - perhaps you might like to try some for yourself and discover what I mean: 

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