Friday, June 28, 2013

The Use of Digital Media and Glicee Prints for Art!

quite a few years ago I became aware f the fact that some people use one part of a vegetable and other people throw that part out that the first people are using and eat the part that other people are throwing out - so I believe that all of this ---- hold your breathe ------does not matter - I will from now on always work with pure energy ----- the stuff that the Universe is made of in it's basic down the the bare substance and will never ever work with oils paint - acrylic or even colored pencil any more - I will not however - knock anyone for utilizing whatever materials that they wish to or deem necessary to express themselves and their ideas with - and that is where I disagree with many of the comments that have been made here - and that will most probably post after this particular comment - it is not for anyone to criticize another as to what materials that they use to do their expressing themselves with - imagine the fine artists of the time that Munch created the "Scream" claiming that crayons were not a proper fine art material or in fact that making prints of the image was improper - this would definitely leave the world without what valuable images that we have to view today - Of course anyone can criticize another - but can you do as well with the materials and processes that you are criticizing for not being genuine fine art materials - can you spend enough hours-days-weeks-months and years as well as decades working with these materials in order to be able to express yourself as well with these as with any other materials available - and then if you have accomplished such proficiency and learned to create art by this means - would you stand for someone who has not done the same coming along and claiming that the materials that you have been working with - are somehow not valid - of course not - it just does not make sense and as time goes on - things will change whether the purist oil painters accept this or not - and as the use of the newer materials continues more and more ways of utilizing them to express whatever it is that needs to be expressed will reveal themselves - 4-3-2013A by Walter Paul Bebirian
4-3-2013A by Walter Paul Bebirian

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