Thursday, May 16, 2013

How and Why Does the Internet Effect My Behavior?

The Internet is like a giant mass audience - but unlike many other audiences there is no one direction at any point in time that the audience is facing and listening to or reacting with - well then perhaps I might look at the Internet instead as an audience at a fairground where there is a country fair going on - where there is instead a crowd and some of the people are at some booths and others are at other booths and they are all kind of shuffling from one booth to another - and well - because of what it is that is at each booth - some booths are very crowded at different times of the day and others may never get many visitors at all - and sometimes some of the booth owners or people manning the booths can leave where they are and become one of the crowd shuffling past all the other booths and likewise some individuals from the crowd may become people manning the booths in place of the other people who have left - that is pretty much an overall simple version of how I see it - so how the Internet effects me at any time of the day depends on whether I am a crowd member there to view and interact with the people manning the booths or I focus on my own booth or another person's booth as a person there to help serve the visitors as a person manning a booth - or perhaps a number of booths - oh and sometimes I might just be sort of a journalist writing about something that I saw at the country fair - ………………………………………… 12-14-2012FA by Walter Paul Bebirian
12-14-2012FA by Walter Paul Bebirian

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