Wednesday, May 15, 2013

How and why can I forget so well? -

A friend of mine - Krista Goon - wrote me a response to a request today and I am not sure what it was that I had originally written to her so I place it here to help me remember at least her kind and generous response: If you have sold your work, you must know the types of buyers most interested in your artwork. Where are these buyers congregating? Where are most likely to be found at (online and offline)? What compelling message can you craft to attract them? How can you find more of them? What conversations are they having? Why do they collect artwork? Why do they want to buy art? Art is often about the backstory. What's the backstory that you can share with your followers? Why do you do the work you do? Who's the best artist in your category or whom do you aspire to be? Model what he or she is doing. That could be one way to market your work. High prices are good but only if your buyers can be persuaded to see the value of your art. What makes your art different and unique? These are questions to set you off on a thinking path and really looking into what your product is and why someone would want to spend money to buy your product or art. Your pageviews might have dropped because your art was a curiosity of sorts for people. They might've visited your site to see what exactly makes your art priced at a premium. I have a suggestion for you. Search for this series of podcasts called "I Love Marketing" from iTunes. They're free. Start from episode 1. They have about 100+ episodes and I find them very good in terms of marketing advice. Practical, do-able marketing stuff. ………………………. 3-14-2010DABCDEFGHI by Walter Paul Bebirian
3-14-2010DABCDEFGHI by Walter Paul Bebirian
…………………… and then comes my response: thank you Krista - this is a post I made just yesterday in reference to an article which gave me a good insight into my own thinking - (although I have forgotten most of the points) there is a tendency for me to forget most thinking that I have along the way in creating and even in clients as well - a lady came to me yesterday (who claims that I did work for her some 15 years ago) who I do not remember but only vaguely -- but as I began working together with her - the occurrence of her being at my studio came back only so slightly : I am afraid that if I do any sort of reading as you suggest that I will most probably forget since the books that I have read just yesterday or a week before are pretty much wiped away now as well - Walter ……………………………… 3-1-2013FABCDE by Walter Paul Bebirian
3-1-2013FABCDE by Walter Paul Bebirian
…………………………………….. and although I understand the great value of what Krista is saying to me and how it might just help from a certain perspective if I would just answer the questions that she asks and do as she has suggested - I am also reminded of the unprecedented events taking place in the art markets every single day and the need to keep a forward looking view point towards an ever changing future that allows me or aids me or even forces me to forget that which has happened in the past - just as occurs in our stock market moves every single day - there is always a bigger wave and a stronger undertow afoot - : ………………………………… 7-19-2012BABCD by Walter Paul Bebirian
7-19-2012BABCD by Walter Paul Bebirian

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