Friday, May 2, 2014

About Potential Clients for Purchasing Art

perhaps there is some other information that can be added to alleviate any misunderstandings at this point in time -

can we remain aware that many great artists have been or art collectors of other artists' work as well - ?

and that being collectors of other artists' work they also can be considered potential clients -

so this being the case it might actually be possible to consider every other artist (whether they do become a collector of your work) a potential client as well?

with this type of thinking there is no need to exclude or segment anyone out of any group at all -

the real question might actually be - how can we all work in harmony (perhaps everyone here in this group) to maximize our understanding of both sides of the equation -

one thing that I can add to the equation (whether or not any individual here accepts my work as art that we are talking about or not) is that the system upon which I am more or less reliant on for expanding the awareness of my collection and which has the greatest possibility of helping me spread the word about my collection and perhaps stimulate sales (other than my own personal "Doubling Project" which I place here for anyone to read about in case you have any questions as to what that is:

is an affiliate program run by the company that hosts my art - which is run through a general affiliate company - share a sale which runs affiliate programs for many companies throughout the Internet -

my only seemingly responsibility in order to make this system work for me - seems to be to encourage - guide and assist different individuals throughout the world who might not otherwise know about this affiliate program and to after introducing this program to potential affiliates - make them aware that they have to potential of not only representing or sharing my collection of so far 175,000 images to the people that they market to and earning monies from any sales that are made of my work - but that they have the potential of earning monies also from the representation and sharing the works of the other over 55,000 artists who have placed their work on the same exact system -

this - quite amazingly is a very powerful networking effect that is able when utilized properly to take place and that leaves pretty much any individual artist with an entire support system that could not exist or be created without many many individuals working in harmony (knowingly or unknowingly) towards the exact same ends - *more or less like the affiliate program that works for the Amazon company - which has experience great strides of growth and expansion with a similar affiliate marketing program -


Irena - 

I am sorry for the misunderstanding - 

The "Doubling Project" to which I have given you a link to is my own personal marketing project which I have bee working steadily since 1992 and during which I have given out over 3.8 million business cards and which has along with that brought me many unbelievably wonderful clients for my photography business and which until only recently has grown to include also my art collection (available now online) as well as marketing tools and business opportunities - 

my posting it here was not a proposal - as you called it - for anyone else to do the same - this I do myself only and usually am in Manhattan at Fifth Avenue and 53rd Street or at various other strategic locations in Manhattan where there is such a heavy foot traffic that I can and do give out the thousands of business cards each day - or when I am not in Manhattan - I give my cards out to just about anyone anywhere - and I know for a fact that this brings me clients which in turn brings in money and - potential purchasers for my art collection prints and canvases - 

if you or anyone here is willing to sell prints and canvases of your work (and perhaps even retain ownership of your originals) then you can if you would like join the Imagekind System where my art is hosted and get three free galleries and avail yourself of the networking effect that exists their to gain viewership from some of the visitors that come to that system from all over the world as well as potential purchasers from the affiliates that already exist and work to bring in new viewers all of the time - 

I agree with you that many times the most unlikely people will appreciate art - original or otherwise - and that leaves a great many people in the category of potential purchasers - 

I am not able to discuss original or not about my art since that type of discussion usually ends up in heated debate - but I can only say since every image that I create is totally digital - that prints and canvases for me means that they are original while I at the same time do understand that a print or canvas of an original painting is not an original in that case -


Glad you understand my thinking Arthur - I never ever want to stop giving out my cards - there are so many things to learn being out there amongst the people

of course there are some days that are better and sometimes things are just simply unbelievable - and the most difficult times are say - in 8 degree temperatures when it is windy - I can only stay our for about a half an hour on days like that - and the hot sunny days pretty much never ever bother me - I just imagine that I am on the beach - technically Manhattan is an island - and it is my island - no matter what anyone else says - I can go anywhere I want and give out my cards - there - and just think - there are say 20 million people living on the island and it's surrounding areas - but there are over 47 million visitors here every single year who all come to get one of my business cards - and go home and view my art -

I sometimes tell people that they do not have to pay the air fare or the hotel room fees next time - just simply sit at home and enjoy my art -

today I was headed to Manhattan and the subway got derailed so there was no service in or out - so I simply stayed in my neighborhood - Forest Hills and gave out cards there - there were plenty of people who were turned away from the subways and so they had not much to do but to come by and take a cards - :-)

where I stand in Manhattan - there is no selling of anything but I think of it as being much more productive simply giving out the cards and letting people find whatever they want at my sites -

here is my giving talking about giving out the cards a few years ago in the area where I mostly stay :

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