Friday, May 16, 2014

A Story About the Coming Future of Art

now Anthony - I am wondering if you have that same exclamation when you hear of the latest and the greatest prices that some of the current auctions are giving up for the works that are coming to block -(or however it is referred to) :

from one perspective I can certainly understand your response - like who does he think he is - (and I would like to mention Richard that I am not sure what are these reproductions of and what do the hand embellishments look like - two very important points) but from the perspective of the future (and this goes for all artists living today creating substantial bodies of work both in volume and in quality) there is something that I would like to address -

and that is -

each artist has a virtual monopoly on the pieces that they create given to them by the fact that they each own all of the copyrights to the work that they create -

great - now do we understand that part?

that means that I can - if I so choose to - create as many or as little in number of copies of that original as I so choose and charge whatever I want for that copy - *(this is moving into a commercial realm which is the way things have to go --- in this world to make any sense of this) - but whether I made only one of something or ten or one hundred or thousands or millions or even perhaps billions - there will most likely (this part is a little speculative) be someway for the folks of the future (FOF) to find some way right or wrong - to capitalize on what you - I all of is have created - (people keep getting smarter and smarter - this we know for a fact) plus new and better tools continue to be created to do one thing or other)

anyway - the person who intelligently (somewhere else on LinkedIn I posted a video about creating a theory of the brain where the intelligence of mankind is defined as being able to predict the future - keep that in your mind for future reference) looks at the past creators of art - and how much most of them were compensated for the works that they produced that are at the same time commanding millions of dollars at auction (this might very well be including Van Gogh as well) and say - is there a way for me to even gain a fraction of this grand scheme of bolstered worth while I am still here on this earth and scrambling around to pay the credit card bills and the debts that I have?

now enter the fact that there are a few folks with a few billions to splash or drop or throw or seep over towards his or her corner and well he makes a deal with them - in some very legal fashion - for them to take all of his current and future work off his hands for a modest sum and perhaps a few dollars flowing in constantly so that he or she does not have to concern themselves with how much a stick of butter costs or can I afford a drink of Coca Cola and so that no he or she can continue on creating and well not feel that they are being ripped off by the good FOF (folks of the future) when they do eventually figure out a way to capitalize and capitalize big on the work that is now being created with very meager means - 

now don't you think my fellow friends - that this type of story is a much better one for us to live with than the current - how can I possibly get some person to purchase one or two pieces at high enough prices so that I can live and sleep and well not wear too many rags out in the world? 

Antony - how true is what I am rambling on about here?

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