Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Online seems like the only way to go unless some gallery takes an interest in what I am doing and purchases some work -

After attempting to contact a number of galleries and really thinking about the responses I have gotten to the questions that I have asked without anyone knowing who I am or what my work looks like - it is becoming very clear to me that everything is headed towards the Internet - online - no questions  asked - 

this morning I called on gallery and they - like so many others  - do not look at artists work - because they have too many artists as well - and  - because they would get too many submissions if they did look at new work - simply suggested that I go online and create a presence there - meaning simply that they are looking for people - if they did need any new artists - for people who could thrive - and succeed on line and then perhaps if they did need to bolster their own group of artists - well then you might have a chance of them being interested in your work  - 

so my suggestion to myself if to focus with my online presence (which by the way does not mean that I cannot or should not to will not advertise and market offline only keep the presence of my art and availability for purchase online and work that as much with as many tools as possible   - and of course a reminder to myself is always - let the tools do the work 

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