Thursday, May 15, 2014

Why I created the different Color Series in my art collection -

Hi Angel -

well I created the series concept because I could not choose one color after seeing all of the possibilities and I thought also that - well there just might be some people who like one color over another or the old couch story - their couch is one color and a different color would better match their couch so I thought - why not help them along

it appears to me that the entire concept of the POD systems and Imagekind more specifically is actually (whether we realize it or not or whether it is intentional or not I am not quite sure) to let the customer become part of the creative process - we on the other hand are giving the customer the right to adjust out images by deciding what paper or canvas type to have the image printed on and in what size - this is not that much of a deal but it is enough to actually claim that each person purchasing has in a sense made that print customer to their own personal tastes and requirements and to allow them to choose a hue for any of the images that we create in addition to everything else gives the purchaser even that more control and input into what the final product is - which is cool especially if it helps them make the choices to actually take the step and make a purchase - :-)

now - that you  have chosen a particular image and told me about it -that is interesting -do you know why you like that particular version of the image? how do you actually feel about the others that you have in a sense rejected (by choosing this one) and if this one did not exist could you live with any of the other possibilities?

Walter :-)

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