Sunday, May 18, 2014

Discussions about the Future in the Art World and in General

no matter what is said here or elsewhere in real life of virtual life here on LinkedIn or Facebook or twitter - nothing dictates what will be done by artists or the general public in the future and nothing can -

and what I mean by that is that no matter how much the artists of yesteryear bashed the photographer and what they were doing when they called the work - art - nothing changed the course of history actually incorporating photography into the world of art - and nothing will dictate what will be accepted art eventually in the future - 

my point is specifically that there will be surprising developments and experiments and people pushing boundaries all in the name of art and the concept of art will continue to expand -no matter what a purist wishes to happen to preserve the concept of this high art and that low art - 

writing with words is an art - and this is definitely a good arena to develop that art - "

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