Saturday, May 3, 2014

viewers and purchasers vs traffic -

It makes a lot of sense to me to write my own posts on this and other blogs that I have started myself - why - because I would prefer to get viewers and purchasers - even only one - once in a while - than to get a zillion people passing by in traffic -

let me tell you where this happens - right there on Fifth Avenue and 53rd Street in Manhattan where I hand out my business cards -

you see there are a number of very exclusive stores right there on Fifth that only get a few people in to purchase - and all of the heavy traffic passes them by - but they don't need all of that traffic - they only need a few people to purchase the items that they are selling -

of course they might with time get more and more viewers and purchasers into their stores - but it is not traffic that they focus on but their quality merchandise -

so I hope that I - over time will be doing the same providing you with interesting and valuable information at least for a few viewers and purchasers rather than simply being one of the many people who are simply doing whatever they are doing to get -  well as much traffic as they can get and to then claim that they are doing well because of this traffic hunting or attracting that they are doing -

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