Sunday, May 18, 2014

Marketing - still nothing compares in power and value to my "Doubling Project" of handing out my Business Cards In the streets of Manhattan -

I did see an e-mail promotion which showed the results of a study that face to face is the most effective marketing still no matter what - even more effective than the e-mail marketing that they were promoting - so how could anyone go wrong until they try and make a success at what I am talking about - it is not easy - by no means - and although it sounds like - well a piece of cake for me to do - in the beginning I was - believe it or not - really really really shy - and although I had photographed people who had become famous and were in the acting and modeling profession - it was a totally different thing to go ahead - make such a business card back then (1992 was the start) go out in the streets of Manhattan and begin handing out those cards - and do you know what - in some ways it is still not easy and it takes me in a sense to pretty much force myself to do it - sort of like creates this over aggressiveness - but the things that I have learned - the people I have met - the connections that have come and the jobs that I have gotten - well they are all worth it - every last 1.2 cent card that I have handed out - in fact even people who have thrown the card right in the street have helped - since in one specific case another person picked up the card and hired me to photograph his son playing the viola - 

and then there was the lady who saw the card that was left on the edge of a public garbage container at Rockefeller Center - came running after me to ask me if I did weddings and who eventually hired me for her wedding - - and she was living in California at the time - just visiting her fiancĂ© and well she was one of the body guards for the governor or California at the time - 

believe me - there is no other way that I could have possibly every connected with the people that I have connected with so I am sorry -but to me this is still the most powerful - effective and by far the most cost effective means of marketing anything - and I am still in business since 1976 to prove that - 

and in addition - in relation to my art images - the last count on my images in my galleries - when the counter was still available shows that I had received a total of over 10 million image views with sometimes over 36,000 image views in one single day - and that occurred on numerous days

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