Tuesday, May 6, 2014

letter to a friend about his repetitive quotes from the writings of ancient Greece - without any meaningful discussion about what he is writing -

the imperative is still -

let the tools do the work - no matter what you are doing -

that is what makes the human being far superior in ability to just about any animal on the planet -

we have the ability to create and then - if we remember - to use these tools in a certain way that allows them to do just about most of the work for us -

and remember - this simple fact -

that money is a tool and one of the greatest of the tools amongst all of the tools that has been created by human beings -

try in all your dealings not to forget that fact!

Dear Friend -

Above I have given you one of the most powerful facts that I know about the human being and his existence in the world today -

and while much of what you have written to me in the enclosed copy of the letter I received the other day - is of littel use to me - since in some ways there is only one tool that I have that may perhaps make use of such information and the tool that I might make use of with that information is a tool which in some ways been with the human race from a long time ago and the part of that tool that is being used to interpret or even simply recount what it is that was written has not changed nor is developed much in any way from the point in time when the concepts - ideas and thoughts that you have written down - were developed -

now what does this mean?

It means simply that unless the tools that were created such a long time ago (in ancient Greece - a place you are forever quoting from and spouting information from) have been updated and adjusted with the main tool that was utilized to create them (that tool being the mind in this particular case) then the information - ideas - thoughts and concepts that were made or created back in ancient Greece - may and most probably do not in most cases - actually apply to the mind that has since developed into what it is that we are using today (a much different - whether better or worse tool - but definitely different tool) -

this means - that when you write about things conceived of and created from such a long time ago - there may perhaps be noone or only a few rare individuals who in fact speak the language of which you are referring to and which you are attempting to communicate with - and therefore may - at least during a great part of the time - find yourself not necessarily being understood - honestly -

instead - you may (or may not depending on your perception of what is going on in the universe within which you are functioning) find yourself very often misundersood or not even remotely understood - or you may find yourself only slightly understood with only slight interest by different individuals with you whom you have constantly kept in contact with for many many years and with whom you have spent so many years attempting to introduce not new and ingenious concepts with which to dazzle or amaze or in any way shape or form improve or enhance or even remotely suggest a better way to live - but rather  - your introduction or injection or just plain forcing such thoughts that you tend to deal with into the mind of a person functioning in today’s world seem in some way simply to cause a disruption - a throwing some debris into the workings of a perfectly good engine  -

now this does not mean to say that there is no value in the intention that you have behind your reasoning for introducing the thoughts that you consistantly harp on and which you decidedly insist are so important for people to know

but - there is a lack of effort on your part - it would seem - to make cohesive what thoughts you have within that you wish to express to the person living in the world today such that you can make your concepts understandable to the person fuctioning in the world today -


in order to do this - to make your thoughts of how what you are discussing relates to today’s world and how the person of today may in some way shape or form utilize the information which you are imparting to him or her in any type of productive way - you must first learn the language - the values and the very many concepts which the individuals living in today’s world are utilizing on a consistent basis in order to function today - and then in a skilled and artistic many describe to them in a way that is totally comprehensible to at least a much larger portion of the population that which you have a desire to make them understand - if at all possible -

without a great deal of effort on your part to do this learning of the worlds or universes that many people live in today (and not just the few individuals that you have come in contact during your short stay at the Indian River County jurisdiction where a great many people seem only to be high on one drug or another) your writings - your expressions - your being understood by many individuals at all will remain - rather obscure to most people that you make any attempt to share them with -

I do not mean to imply that I myself am any better at communicating with individuals functioning in the general population of today’s world any better than you do - since my focus is more directed towards communication in a different era than yours - since while you focus on ancient Greece and the folks who lived in the past - I tend to focus on the future and interstellar  - no more understandable to the folks of today unless or until I am able to remain constant with a fellow travelers who may - in the way of the disciples of yesterday spread throughout the populations of today and tomorrow - that which I have shared - explained and made understood by them today - with great and painstaking efforts -



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