Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Descriptions of Art - my feelings about them given by the artists

Commented in a discussion with Brian Sherwin about  Art Marketing and Words:

Yes Brian - there are many people who take the time to read the little descriptive writings by different paintings - but there are many more details never told on these writings that are told by both the tour guides as well as the descriptive tapes that museum goers are given to learn about the art that they are viewing - 

however - I don't believe that any of this information is as informative as it might be if - as you suggest - each artist were to write about the works in these museums as they might on their websites - 

for me - I would find this pretty much impossible (I think) since I first would not know what would interest anyone else about my work (what questions would they have) and then the thoughts - feelings and ideas are so wide spread for each and every one of the images in my collection that I would literally have to write volumes upon volumes for each series or even many of the individual images in order to give a complete account of everything that has gone into each one - 

this type of exhaustive explanation or description would be fine for the viewers to have - more and more information is of course what we are saying that individuals seek more and more of as time goes on and knowledge helps them learn about both the artists as well as their works - but at the same time - for myself at least - this would be both such an exhaustive process as well as extremely time consuming such that is would greatly impair the path that I am on to creating more and more of my images and uploading them to my online galleries - 

unless or until there is some change in the climate and pace of my creating as well as the re uploading of the 100,000 of my images that were lost from my galleries on the site that my collection is housed on - the lack of words and descriptions will both have to inspire and encourage some introspection on the part of the viewers where they may perhaps be forced to come up with their own conclusions as to what is going on in the individual pieces as well as the entire series that I have been creating as well as perhaps encourage one or a number of individuals who may perhaps value what I am creating and want to see this material to be found out and shared - to step forward and take charge with at least a minimal effort if not as exhaustive a project as I foresee is possible in order to begin the process of descriptive writing about the images in my collection as you might imagine will be beneficial to the viewing public - 

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