Thursday, April 3, 2014

the Answers to some questions - as I see them at this moment in time -

I have been asked recently - in order to benefit myself - to answer some generalized questions as an artist attempting to conduct business here on the Internet and elsewhere - 

1Q. The first question asks about my customer's problems and how I offer a solution or fill the need - 

1A. I have to admit that this question had me thinking for a minute since I do work photographic assignments and although I would like my answers to apply to my fine art - they really don't as I see it since things are set up with my galleries so that I do not (unless a client tells me of a purchase that they have made) have access to any information whatsoever as to who is purchasing what whether prints or canvases from my art galleries - 

I do, however, have an acute sense of what individuals and groups of people who come to me from their businesses who come to my studio or who hire me for photographic assignments on locations think that they want and if they are on the mark or not I am in those situations able to work extremely closely with them on both achieving what it is that they want and also guiding them as well in their careers and business ventures while I am doing so - 

The imagined client who is at least viewing my art but who may or may not make any purchases at all or may or may not do so in a rather soon period of time or perhaps after many years of contemplation is another matter altogether and for these individuals I imagine any number of situations - styles - subjects as well as tastes in colors - shapes - combinations of any of the above as well as means of stimulating the imaginations of this individual as the images that I create do exactly this for myself - and I create these as they come to mind - 

2Q. After my clients purchase my product what do they feel - what do they experience, say and do - 

2A. Again, for the fine art clients aside from a handful of individuals who have contacted me personally or who I have reason to know because they have also done other business dealings with me over time - there is no way of knowing at least not at this point in time with any certainty for sure what the individual feels  - experiences - says or does - on any consistent basis - 

I can however, offer one single testimony from one of my business associates who has both made a purchase of a print of one of my images and ordered as a framed piece and has also taken it upon herself without my asking - to write about here experience and her feelings about the print of the image that she has so far purchased - 

"Art by Walter Paul Bebirian" by Jane Mark - President of Sokule Inc. and an avid art collector - 

3Q. What are the benefits and features of my work?

3A. The Bebirian Art Collection Is an extensive body of work which at this point in time consists of over 175,000 diverse images comprised of both photographs and digital images of a very diverse and wide variety of styles - colors and genres - with an emphasis on abstracts that are intentionally made in sets of series offering the viewer a choice of each main image in the series in different shades and hues  of the same image offering the viewer an immensely unique ability to narrow what he or she chooses to focus on and both view and purchase highly specific to his or her taste and environmental needs - 

In addition there is a growing part of this collection which intends to combine some of the various styles - colors and genres in unique and highly intricate  digital collages - as well as other combinations of styles in addition to the digital collages - 

Also, beyond what is already in the collection and placed in the galleries online, there is approximately 200,000 additional images of various styles - colors - and genres presently stored on my systems waiting to be uploaded as time permits - so that the returning viewer is never without something new and fresh to add to what he or she will be viewing and enjoying - 

4Q. What are my goals and an artist and how does that align with my customer's experience -

4A. My goals as an individual as well as an artist are to continue - as long as I am on this planet and working on this plane of being -  to continue to explore - question - create and anticipate various aspects of life as it presently exists as well as how it may also develop into the future - and I do spend as much time as possible on this exacting journey - 

This may - for various different individuals - provide them with an extremely wide variety of both images to view as well as various stimulating ideas and feelings and environmental experiences as they view the art in my collection - if they so choose to do so - 

5Q. How does my work change my clients lives - 

5A. I am wise enough to know and understand that I may never know exactly how - why or in what way my work may effect anyone's life whether they do attempt to express these elements to me or not - since very often any type of expression with words - greatly falls short of really being able to express the value - feelings and any other emotions that an individual feels by viewing art that they relate to - which is what I do hope happens with at least some of the viewers of some of my images - if not with all of the viewers of all of my images - 

Please keep in mind the thinking of the late Steve Jobs as well as his partner Steve Wozniak in the start - up venture which eventually was called Apple - the customer cannot know what they want until we show them  - these two adventurers started out creating tools and items that they wanted for their own use and made a success of showing and selling these same items to the world - creating one of the largest companies in that world because people who saw what Jobs and Wozniak wanted also wanted the same for themselves which was beyond anything else anyone else had presented to them before - it is with spirit that I look to share my images with the world - as they are all images which I myself are inspired by - gain energy and knowledge from and are all images which propel me into the future - 

I hope you have enjoyed the brief adventure I have gone through in answering these questions which were put to me in order to help me better understand myself and the energies that I am constantly placing towards creating the images in my collection and which I will continue to do as time goes on - 

I also invite you to join me on this continuous journey of fascination with creating these images and feel free to return at any time to take up this journey for as long as or as short as a period of time that suites your own personal needs and temperament and may your life be enriched by doing so - !

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