Monday, March 10, 2014

where are the buyers?

buyers exist everywhere- as do sellers - and many of my clients - after I work with them - then connect with me on Facebook and linkedIn - my clients come to me via word of mouth as well as from my "Doubling Project" but there have been people who have come to me after finding my business card that has been dropped in the street by someone else - and students have told me that their teachers have used my work as an example in their classrooms - I exist in a world that is very different-that has no boundaries - no restrictions and business - buyers - purchasers come to me from anywhere and everywhere -

today - the exterminator came to the studio - after his job was complete - he asked me to sign the sheet that he had come to my location - I did - and realized that he was using my promotional pen with the website address for my art collection - I laughed and he mentioned that yes he had gone online to see my work and wants to purchase some prints soon -

there is no way to tell who will buy or what they will buy - not in this world and with the number of opportunities that we have and that keep growing each and every day - during each and every moment that we are alive - never give up hope - always think that no matter who you come in contact with that they may be benefit by seeing something of your work - that they may wish to make a purchase or that they may know someone else who may be interested in seeing and perhaps purchasing some of your work -there is no harm in thinking this way and nothing to lose - while not thinking this way will rob you of the possibilities that exist that you do not take advantage of .

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