Saturday, September 14, 2013

Business and some really Random Musings -

well – from what I see in the business world – each and every business is unique in its own way of doing things – the way that it operates – how it goes about finding or capturing clients or customers and then how from that point it begins growing – and continues on in the face of all sorts of financial storms and hurricanes – not many business go on forever and the strengths and weaknesses of each are not always quite visible to the spectator public – even to the investor in whatever business we might be looking at – one very positive business that we might look at for a moment is Coca Cola – which many people utilize as an example when thinking and referring to branding – but there are developments – changes and nuances occurring each and every day in such a company as this – not always visible to the casual observer but happening never the less – take a look at their products: my point is that not one single product is developed – managed – marketed and sold by one single person – but a whole slew of people or teams and then the bottling and distribution for each of these brands are actually managed by various independent bottling companies: in fact here is an official list currently introduced to the public by the Coca Cola company itself: now what is my point? well, none of us artist have enough years (at least most artists don’t) to build such an empire as Coke has done till this point in time, however – there are tools now available to each and every artist which can help them *(including myself now) to market their (my) art to individuals throughout the world who are interested in both viewing as well people who are interested in purchasing various art work – but – there might be some changes to both your and the potential customer’s thinking before such tools will be of any value to either side of the equation – what I mean is – that the delivery system for most businesses back when Coke was started was most of the time a horse and buggy – that went for Coke – Exxon *(Standard Oil): – Heinz: – Entenmann’s: – Hershey’s : and a little research will show that company’s like Coke are sometimes still mulling over their mistakes that they made 20 years ago: but what we have here is something to learn – lots to learn – there are videos galore about other artists and each of their varying careers as well as business efforts but – we also have a whole lot of tools to have our work even seen – let alone presented for sale to people from al over the globe in a fashion never before possible to any individual artist so it may be a prudent move to focus on utilizing these new tools since if we look back at the horse and buggy utilized by most of the companies mentioned above – within a few years of the invention or introduction of the motor car into the system of delivery – there were hardly any horse and buggies that were able to compete with this vast new way of distributing goods throughout the country on the ever growing highway system – and now we have the digital highway – vast – unpredictable in its bursting growth and able to penetrate countries throughout the world with little effort – do you want to limit yourself to a few viewers stopping by your booth at a local art fair? or even a gallery in Manhattan? things are rapidly changing - …………………………... 11-21-2012DABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRTUV by Walter Paul Bebirian
11-21-2012DABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRTUV by Walter Paul Bebirian
…………………………………….. well – I stressed above the delivery systems and how they have changed for the different companies that I have given the links to above but I also gave the link above to the different products that Coca Cola now has in place to offer its potential and ongoing customers so that they can find the products that best suit their needs at any point in time during their day – this is a tremendous challenge for any artist to undertake – but there is a way to go way beyond any artist before us has ever done – by using the tools – whether you are an oil painter – acrylic painter – pencil drawing or watercolorist – to be more productive with your business and that is to offer prints of your originals to the world as well – this was not available years ago – the best a person could do is make a limited number of prints before a plate they were utilizing became worn out and had to be destroyed limiting the number of good prints that could be produced for any image – but this restriction does not have to be followed any longer with the ability of digital files to be reproduced exactly and in high quality to produce a very pleasing product – but beyond that – for myself I work strictly in digital now -after working some 43 years with film and processing and different paint and drawing mediums – I will never go back because for me I have found the fantastic feeling in being able to take a ride in a modern day motorcar as opposed to riding the horse and buggy and having all there is to do to keep that horse fed and alive and living somewhere – but in addition *(my thoughts I think began to go off in different directions for a moment) I can and do create art ceaselessly without having to concern myself with whether or not I need to make a sale to go on and create the next work – there is a new paradigm and shift which I am not sure everyone reading this or who will read this can readily see – let’s just say that my main client in the moment and over time – is myself – and I am creating my own collection of art of which I am the main and biggest collector and so —- let me see – what does this mean – beyond eating and living somewhere there is not very much anyone can do with money besides make more of it or well you can have a collection of cars and boats but what the really super rich people do is collect art over time after they have *(in most cases — there are certain exceptions) accumulated and amassed their great fortunes – but now I have created and posses the great collection of my own art work and I am sharing it with anyone in the world who is willing to put the time into viewing what I have to offer and (here is my offering - "The Most Powerful Idea On The Planet") now that Facebook’s Zuckerberg has announced that he will begin a project to make the Internet available to some 5 billion people who cannot otherwise afford to have such a connection – now things will start to really begin to change for all of the artists who see this as an opportunity to share the art with the rest of the world – just some thoughts and let’s say some personal goals – set out by me – the beginning of what I am calling my “Infinity Project” following on the heals of my “Doubling Project” – this is the natural growth for me - …………………………………. 12-25-2012ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQR by Walter Paul Bebirian
12-25-2012ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQR by Walter Paul Bebirian

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  1. Walter is right. No matter whether you are selling coke or art, businesses change and grow or they die and one of the main things they do is to listen to their clients and what they are asking for.