Wednesday, December 18, 2013

thoughts on learning and finding inspiration and the fountain of youth -

what I understand is that as man (all of society) develops his thinking then he is able to see more and more of what exists in the Universe - but until then there is so much more that exists than anyone can see yet - the difficulty sometimes is that often when people reach a certain level of knowledge they start to think that they know or understand everything that there is to know or understand and so they stop learning - they get bored and then they do things that become destructive to themselves - instead - since creating my art is the most advanced way of learning for me - I like to continue on creating my art and therefore learning by doing this - this is what I think happens when someone finds their passion - what they are inspired to do - what they want to work on all of the time - day and night and thus they become in a state of constant learning and there is never any reason to to stop or retire from this - since this more than anything is the essence of life - or even - the fountain of youth that so many people think that they would like to find - so it is not in retiring or laying back and doing nothing - but in finding that one activity that inspires you to want to do it all of the time - that gives you energy and that is meaningful to you - and that activity will give you the energy to go on and on and on and to never ever get bored - perhaps this makes sense to you - maybe not - but from my perspective - as a friend to you I certainly hope that you explore inside of yourself and find something that will inspire you that you will want to do all of the time and that will help you explore and learn every single day of your life - and when you do find this one thing that you will do it - constantly - and not worry about what everyone else is or is not doing - for when the time is right - they will become inspired by their own ideas and thoughts to find that which is what will help then go on and learn every single day

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