Saturday, December 28, 2013

Thoughts and where they take me!

It is absolutely amazing to watch my own thoughts - whether I am thinking about a place that I have been to or a specific person that I know and have spent time with - and see exactly how these thoughts incredibly change my mood instantaneously - and this type of mood change is continuously going on all the time -and especially magnified in intensity while I create my images - and then when I view my images later on - I may not necessarily remember what triggered one mood or another but the feelings of that mood are reawakened again - and so I can actually travel continuously by viewing my own art -

for me - this experience does not happen with as great an intensity when I view other people's art - not even the art in museums - and so I am drawn more and more away from those works (although I do enjoy visiting the museum and their environments where the art is displayed for the public) and more and more towards creating and viewing my own works - 

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