Sunday, December 15, 2013

regarding the use of hyperlinks in my entries in various discussions

OK - what I am watching and thinking about at this point in time here is a video with detailed geometric lines illustrating the structure that can be found in analyzing the Mona Lisa - I am not sure whether the geometry was used to create the painting or there was someone who was very interested in placing his geometric lines on a famous painting in order to prove that there is a geometric relationship in well painted art (at least during the period that the Mona Lisa was painted) - or was Da Vinci's way of things very geometrical because of the training that he might have had - or the way that he thinks - yes he seems to have invented a few things in his books but how would he have done in Steve Jobs' place when faced with the possibility of creating an iPad or an iPhone - in this instance in our relatively recent past Jobs did not make an linear improvement but made a quantum improvement of a 100 of 1000 fold - a geometrically improved advance in the technology - were they thinking on similar planes - was Da Vinci a relative Jobs in his time? what about the education that Jobs had - he was motivated to leave higher education because of the financial strain it would place on his adoptive parents but did choose one single course - typography - that radically changed the course of computers and their development - and then his education grew exponentially while working at Apple and Next and Pixar so that in each instance whatever he was doing and working with his knowledge and the developments that he encouraged grew exponentially - by utilizing different knowledge from different disciplines he created tools that have advanced society in a multitude of ways and which still are advancing the potential of society still every moment - but are the individuals that are living in this society as a whole - up to reaching any fraction of this potential that they have in their hands - at their finger tips and will the society advance in a positive direction - Jobs is known not to look at what is and ask what do people want - but to ask how will anyone know what they want unless we show them what they want - this entire discussion reminds me of people looking to be told where they should go as opposed to the individuals here telling the viewers of the world where to go with their thinking - where to explore - where to find the new corners of the Universe - how to advance - where to educate themselves and just how many new planes to experience - as to the links above - I cannot - would not dare to tell any of you to either click on them or what was there before you went forward and made the step yourself for discovery - of course there is a title to each of the videos - but the reality is - (and this I am conscious of every moment of every day) that no two people will see anything the same - especially the infinite images in a video - the thousands of concepts put forth in any interview either placed in the mind by the interviewers or by the person being interviewed and so much (from what I saw and can see) was answered that I simply put the video links there in response to questions that were being asked - that were being explored or to questionable statements that were being made about some of the different artist throughout history in some instances the artists right in the videos on the other side of the links actually explored their own personal definitions of art - which in addition to the other elements I have written about directly above - was definitely (from my perspective) an interesting element (their personal definitions of art which they were exploring or espousing) to add to this very conversation - it is because I see the hyperlink as such a great tool that it is able to bring in these outside elements if the viewer is at all interested in a conversation that they are in from the perspective of actually listening to what other's are saying as opposed to merely spouting out what it is that they have to say or to prove themselves more knowledgeable and superior in some odd sort of way that I use them in the way that I do - wishing in no way - generally to be so mechanical as to inject or force anyone to utilize what I have placed in the conversation while at the same time - giving the participant in such a conversation as this to explore - as I have done - the different avenues or highways or channels or universes that may be entered along the way of the on dimensional conversation - thus giving is a multidimensional structure - …………………………………………………………… 7-1-2013EABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRTUVWXYZA by Walter Paul Bebirian

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