Sunday, January 26, 2014

on learning social media

well what ever happened to delegation?
why is everything that is written -written in a way that implies that an individual needs to learn everything when it is quite obvious that the business world in general is not doing very well – and perhaps for the exact reason that people are trying to do much - much much more than their area of competency will allow them to do well at –
has everyone forgotten that there was no social media before the Internet and computers – and now there is so much waste of time money and thought power – take for example the continuous amount of viruses – on computers – e-mails – the necessity for reseting passwords and the major hacking of credit card data – identity theft and whatever other type of fraud that continues to distract individuals from focusing on working –
perhaps this is the way that many people like to live – with excitement and drama and all the rest of the dare I say malarky that we are living with in the name of progress?
and who exactly is benefitting from this progress – I do not see that either the client or the business benefits from all of the extra learning and comparing and whatever - to – either save a few pennies here or thereby price shopping for many things that don’t lend themselves to getting a better results by the price shopping or by distracting every person on the planet from simply working and doing their jobs instead of all of a sudden needing to write blogs – work on a website – make comments about everything supposedly pertinent to their field in discussions with a lot of people who are so opinionated that the discussion so many times eventually turns into battles of the egos and all for what – to proclaim that one person or the other is an expert and now each one has to prove that that is what they are when they actually are probably not that –
even the comments above show a questioning of this expert over that expert and then you are talking about the right social media certificate – over another one –
and where in the world does this concept of negatively impacting a client come from – if a person comes to me for what I can do and what they need – there you have a good business fit –
but if I can’t write blogs and post on this or that social media site and keep up with someone else – well then they should go to someone who can make themselves more attractive? more knowledgeable or more capable – even though they may not be ? how superficial this is all becoming – and then who knows how all of this knowledge that one is spending time learning is going to be altered in a few weeks or months or whatever not because the social media sites have changed their rules or need to earn money now that they have become publicly traded companies and have to show an income to the shareholders in order not to lose them or fall behind in their duty to grow shareholder value but because some new kid on the block has come up with a totally new tool that now he or she is claiming does what others have been doing even better that how they were doing it before – whether this is true or not is irrelevant and unless you spend your money working with this or that tool and then maybe perhaps find out if this new tool in fact does do better – well watch your back because sure enough the next new tool is coming soon or is already here –
and lets not forget that this article in this blog is endorsing – touting – encouraging education and well there is always the fact that no knowledge whatsoever supersedes or replaces or does anything for anyone more than experience – and failing – learning from those failings and then making your new found knowledge work for you – unless of course a person wishes to be a life time or life long or professional student -

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