Wednesday, January 15, 2014

arbitrary rules that others try to place on you for no real reason whatsoever -

since each and every person is different and each person can create their own art and is free to do just that -and to create their own world -to create their own business with art or with anything else that they wish to do business with - there is enough room for each and every mix of whatever each and every person wants to do -

I remember reading how Henry Clay Frick who was in the coal business and supplied coal to the steel mills of Andrew Carnegie was criticized by a banker who came to his establishment to evaluate his business for a loan or some such thing and criticized him because he spent too much time drawing - mmmm:

this is what Frick left behind for society to enjoy and learn from - I wonder what that banker left behind if anything at all -

arbitrary rules - which some people may pose on themselves are not necessary to impose on others - nor should they be -

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