Monday, November 4, 2013

more on what is art and is what I create Art -

OMG - I just thought of something - what happens if someone makes a purchase from me thinking that what I have created is a real work of art - and then wow the entire knowledgeable world comes and says to that person that what they have purchased is not real art - what should I do? what should they do? why did they think that what I was showing in my collection of art was really really really really art - should I try and change their mind? should I go forward and try and create art which fits everyone else's definition of what art is? should I take a ride on a motorcycle and look for Dr House and Wilson? or can I possibly continue on as I have been doing - creating the images that I absolutely love to create and have been creating for most of my entire life? The real question is what would you do - faced with the prospect that the entire world might consider what you love to do - if the entire world came out from their corners of the world and proclaimed now that you had finally sold something - that what you had sold was not really art? or would you run right back to this particular thread right here on LinkedIn (where I originally wrote this post) and try and convince all of the people of the world (and the few people here on this thread) that what you are creating ------- well - is art?

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