Sunday, January 15, 2017

my top business goal for 2017

I currently have over 500,000 fine art images - but I know from reading about marketing in different places that good marketing is not about selling what I have but selling what my potential clients want or if possible to turn their wants into solid needs - but somehow there seems always (or almost always) - (in an artist's mind) to be a gap between the creating of art and marketing because the (as I see it) the creation of fine art is not necessarily (as far as I understand) not to satisfy a customer or any customer's needs and wants but to basically satisfy the the artist's dreams and desires to express various thoughts concepts and visions and therefore seems (as far as I can tell) to be opposed to what good marketing would suggest a business owner would or should or even must do - of course if there is some way that you can give me a different perspective on these seemingly opposed goals - then perhaps we can begin to talk - so I would say that my goal - since I have such a large collection of images (500,000) and they are all digital which means they each and every one of them can be printed on different mediums (different paper types and canvas types) and in varying sizes - is to find a number of individuals who would like to market and sell prints of my images (basically different independent art dealers) to sell these possible products that I am able to have produced from my collection of images - and for these individuals to satisfy the wants turned into needs of the population that they have chosen to work with in their dealing - I hope this is understandable the way that I have written it - thank you! Walter

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