Wednesday, August 14, 2013

How Many Images That I Have -

Well - here is an interesting comment that someone made to me in a return e-mail - now how did he put it? - well I don't remember exactly - but something like - why do I have so many images? do I expect him to look at all of these images? well - you know - the museum or Flickr - or just about any art site has tons of images as well - of course no one is supposed to look at all of the art in the Metropolitan Museum of Art or in MOMA all at once - most of the people that I see going into MOMA - well they get to see perhaps 1/2 hours worth or maybe 2 hours worth of art looking and they sit down and eat or enjoy the sculpture garden during the rest of their time in the museum - so why ask me why do I have so many images - kind of like I committed a crime or something - anyway I wrote back telling him to read the article that my friend Beth wrote - that perhaps that might help him understand something - Here's Beth's Article: The Bebirian Art Collection Over 169,00 digital works by one artist, Walter Paul Bebirian OK - so now you know as well that you don't (nor does anyone) have to look at the entire collection all at once in one sitting - But what do I suggest? Perhaps you might view one gallery at a time - like one a day or one a week - one a day will take you about 280 days - less than a year and one a week - well that will take a few years - but do whatever feels comfortable for you - and just enjoy! :-) …………………………………………….. 7-21-2013CABCDEFGHIJ by Walter Paul Bebirian
7-21-2013CABCDEFGHIJ by Walter Paul Bebirian

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